How Do I Put Up Paper and Nylon Hanging Lanterns?


1.  Your lanterns will arrive packed flat. Each lantern will come with a metal wire expander to go inside the lantern.

2.  Carefully pull the lantern into the shape of a ball - be particularly careful with paper lanterns not to tear the paper!

3.  Then insert the wire expander throught the larger of the two holes and position it so it sits on the rim on the lantern's smaller hole.

4.  Next , gently push the wire expander (it will bend) and slot the top of the expander into the two eyelets on the rim of the lantern's larger hole.

5.  There is a 'C' hook to attach Lantern Hanging Line to the lantern, and/or for hanging our LED Lantern Lights inside the lantern. Be gentle if squeezing the 'C' hook, to avoid damaging it.