Lights and Accessories

Use our clear Lantern Hanging Line to give the impression that your lanterns are effortlessly floating above your guests heads! And if you're hanging lanterns in a marquee, our Hanging Lantern Clips are perfect for clipping to the marquee's lining, making installation quick and easy.

LED Lantern Lights will give your lanterns a warm glow as darkness descends. Each one has a small loop to hang over the C-hook in the centre of the lantern, and the LED light lasts for about 36 hours so they can be turned on as you prepare the venue for your event.

  • Pack of 10 White LED Lantern Lights

    10 Warm White LED Lantern Lights

  • 120 Set White Outdoor Nylon Lantern Lights (Clear Wire) 8 settings

  • Clear Hanging Clips

    Clear Hanging Lantern Clip Packs

    £3.30 - £29.40
  • Clear Lantern Hanging Line

  • Spare Wire Frame Insert

    Spare Wire Frame Insert Expander

    £0.78 - £1.98